Giga Bokeria: Putin's Russia is an enemy of Georgia

This is a tragic day. In the recent history of Georgia, it's the last active and big-scale aggression day from the part of the Northern neighbor which has been a threat to our freedom for several hundred years", - stated one of the leaders of European Georgia, MP Giga Bokeria with regards to 12th year anniversary of Russo-Georgian war.

"Today is the day when we should pay respect to people who sacrificed their lives in order for us to live in a free country, in unoccupied Georgia. Their sacrifice, Georgian society and belated but still principled support from the free world saved our statehood. It's our duty to take care of this achievement and we should understand that one can't lie to himself, an enemy should be called an enemy.

Putin's Russia is an enemy of Georgia and we should do everything in order to avoid a big-scale war in the future, but first of all, we should avoid the danger for our statehood and freedom. We need firmness and unity of society when it comes to protecting the liberty of our country", - stated Bokeria.

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