According to the head of the Tourism Administration, certain groups are trying to discredit the quarantine project

As the Head of the Tourism Administration states, the discreditation attempts are carried out by the people who try to avoid a 12-day mandatory quarantine period.

"Recently, there has been a trend of deliberate attempts to discredit the quarantine project. Naturally, the attempt cannot be justified, however, it is important to be honest and reveal the real reason why such attempts were intensified. The attempt mainly concerns a group of people who are trying to avoid the mandatory 12-day quarantine period. I would like to take this opportunity to clarify once again that the quarantine project established by the Government of Georgia under the auspices of the Coordinating Council is internationally recognized as one of the best practices in the world that has made the greatest contribution to preventing the spread of Covid-19 in our country. According to today's data, there are more than 300 cases in the quarantine areas related to the import of Covid-19 in our country. Perhaps it is easy for the public, as well as the media, to assess what would have happened in our country, had it not been for the 300 people to be quarantined - we would have had a massive outbreak. Here I will give myself the right to state that the cases of imported Covid-19 are more or less confirmed on a daily basis in quarantine spaces, which means that the import of Covid-19 continues in the country - the most effective prevention of which is to have a quarantine space. I will not say anything about the value of quarantine spaces for indirect promotion of the tourism industry", - stated Kvrivishvili.

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