According to the preliminary data of all precincts, 9 political union will enter the parliament of the 10th convocation, including the Georgian Dream, which will have 61 seats

According to preliminary data from all CEC precincts, nine political unions exceeded the 1% proportional threshold. 116 of the 120 proportional seats are distributed among them. There are four vacant seats left, which will be allocated in sequence by the following political entities with the largest balance: "Girchi", "European Georgia", "National Movement" and "Aleko Elisashvili - Citizens".

According to the data published by the CEC, the remaining 116 seats are distributed among the parties as follows:

"Georgian Dream" (48.15%) - 61 seats

"National Movement - United Opposition" (27.14%) - 34 seats (one free seat added)

"European Georgia (3.78%) - 4 seats (one free seat added)

"Lelo" (3.15%) - 4 seats

"Patriots Alliance" (3.14%) - 4 seats

"Strategy Builder" (3.15%) - 4 seats

"Girchi" ( 2.89%) - 3 seats (one free seat added)

"Aleko Elisashvili - Citizens" (1.33%) - 1 seat (one free seat added)

"Labor Party" (1%) - 1 seat

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