European Georgia demands summoning of the Ambassador of Georgia Lasha Zhvania from Israel

"European Georgia" demands summoning of the Ambassador of Georgia, Lasha Zhvania, from Israel. Giga Bokeria, one of the leaders of "European Georgia" told journalists about it. As Bokeria noted, the statements made by the priest of Kutaisi-Gaenati eparchy, Deacon Ilia Karkadze and the Metropolitan of Kutaisi-Gaenati, Ioane Gamrekeli, were not only condemned by Lasha Zhvania, but also justified. According to Bokeria, the statements of the clergy are anti-Semitic and hate speech.

"Recently, we heard a shameful, anti-Semitic statement from an influential cleric. This was followed by an even more impudent, anti-Semitic hate speech from a lower-ranking clergyman, so impudent that the first clergyman had to condemn him. Preaching to any religious or ethnic group is immoral and disgraceful, especially anti-Semitism, because of the recent history of all mankind. This behavior is a threat and insult not only to one religious group, our Jewish citizens, but to all citizens of Georgia. It threatens our freedom, and damages our dignity in the international arena.

In this situation, the alarming statement of the Ambassador of Georgia to Israel, Zhvania, who practically justified this cleric, was even more alarming. It is even more alarming that this shameful statement was not followed by an explanation from other members of Ivanishvili's team. We heard the toast of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, where he spoke about the friendship between the two nations, and did not specifically condemn either the initial anti-Semitic statements or react to the shameful behavior of the ambassador appointed by his ministry. Our position is clear and these statements are shameful, immoral and directed against human freedom and dignity and pose a threat. The position of the government on this should be clear and Ambassador Zhvania can not be in office after this shameful behavior.

We demand a clear position and not toasts from the representatives of Ivanishvili's entourage condemning this statement and reacting by summoning Zhvania. The foreign minister should summon Lasha Zhvania", - Bokaria said.

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