Member of medical council: The general health trend of Mikheil Saakashvili is positive, although some neurological disorders remain to be addressed

According to the member of the medical council, Sandro Tsiskaridze, the general health trend of the former president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, is positive, although some neurological disorders remain to be addressed.

As Tsiskaridze noted, the patient's condition should be gradually improved.

"I cannot tell you the details, because these are specific, medical details, which are unethical to discuss in a wide audience. The general trend is positive, although some neurological disorders remain, the elimination of which, of course, takes time.

The treatment is coordinated by all specialists. Refeeding is especially important, which should be the basis for the patient's condition to be gradually improved in all aspects,” said Sandro Tsiskaridze.

As for Saakashvili's trial, which is due to take place in a few days, Tsiskarishvili is unable to predict whether Saakashvili will be able to attend the trial.

"It is impossible to say this at this moment. I mentioned that we are expecting certain changes every day, so it is impossible to make any predictions in advance,” Tsiskaridze said.

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