NATO-Georgia Exercise to be held according to the plan

On March 20-25, the Georgian Defence Forces will host a NATO-Georgia Exercise at the NATO-Georgia Joint Training and Evaluation Center (JTEC).

According to the Ministry of Defence, the command and staff training will be conducted within the framework of the Substantial NATO-Georgia Package and its planning has been underway since 2020.

"The first NATO-Georgia Exercise was held in 2016, and the current Exercise will be the third in a row, which consistently follows the processes and procedures of NATO exercise planning.

NATO-Georgia Exercise 2022 is a command and staff level that involves computer training and is not field-based. Representatives of 23 NATO member and partner countries will take part in the multinational Exercise. During the exercises, participants will develop the skills needed to plan operations through computer simulations and share knowledge and experience with each other. The training will help increase the interoperability between the military personnel of Georgia and NATO member and partner countries," the Ministry said.

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