President says she was refused to pay working visits to Paris, Brussels, Berlin and Warsaw

President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili spoke about the "imposition of restrictions on the President's international activities" by the country's authorities and called it "incomprehensible" in her speech delivered in the Parliament.

As the President said in her annual report, on February 26, she was refused to pay working visits to Paris, Brussels, Berlin and Warsaw.

"The restrictions imposed on the president's international activities are incomprehensible when the need is greatest and time is running out. On February 26, 2022, I was refused in writing to pay working visits to Paris, Brussels, Berlin and Warsaw. Given the existing situation, I canceled all official formats. I found it necessary to use my personal contacts and turn working visits into personal meetings. I think that this approach and such restrictions are harmful for our country, which is in such a difficult region. There is no time for restrictions, on the contrary, we should be involved at the international level as much as possible! I think that my forty years of experience in diplomacy and strategic affairs, and the personal contacts acquired during this period, should be used and not lost for this country.

Today we are facing two issues that force us to act together: that is, the integration with the European Union and support for Ukraine and the problems created around it. My visit to Europe has convinced me that there is a new and real chance to join the EU, a real willingness of our partners. In this context, it was necessary and I tried my best, through personal meetings, to strengthen Georgia's place in these processes, so as not to let anyone either forget Georgia or consider it in a context different than that of Ukraine or Moldova. Now we hear from all sides: What should we do? How should we increase our chances? When and how? I will answer you: Unity! Unity and unity! It is necessary to prepare and submit a joint plan, which will not be canceled afterwards! The President, the Prime Minister, the Government and the Parliament, all the political forces, the media, non-governmental organizations, ordinary citizens, must all unite and act around one plan and one goal, work on a package of reforms that are necessary if we really see our future in Europe seriously. It will be a true expression of national consent, without which no country has ever joined the EU. Also, our approach to the war in Ukraine must be completely consolidated, no one, neighbor or foe, can doubt that we cannot agree on such an existential issue," said the President.

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