Rati Ionatamishvili on Georgians fighting in Ukraine: Being in the military service of another country leads to the loss of citizenship - this is defined by law

Being in the military service of another country leads to the loss of the citizenship of one's country - this is defined by law, said the member of the parliamentary majority Rati Ionatamishvili while talking about Mamuka Mamulashvili and the Georgian fighters in Ukraine.

"The most serious and unacceptable thing is that these people offer our boys to participate in military operations in Ukraine in exchange for money and lie to them, telling them that they will become employees of the Ukrainian military forces and not warning them that being in the military service of another country automatically leads to the loss of their country's citizenship," Georgian Dream MP said.

When asked whether this means that Georgians fighting in Ukraine will lose their Georgian citizenship, Ionatamishvili says that he "made a reference to the law".

"This is defined by law. We will make sure that these people are not in danger because of someone else's lies," Ionatamishvili said.

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