Georgian Dream political council, People's Power and the parliamentary majority: We made a decision to unconditionally withdraw the draft law we supported

As a ruling power responsible to each member of society, we have decided to unconditionally withdraw the bill we supported, without any reservations, this is stated in the joint statement of the political council of Georgian Dream, People's Power and the parliamentary majority.

"We would like to inform the public that consultations were held between the political council of Georgia­n Dream, People's Power and members of the parliamentary majority regarding the ongoing political processes surrounding the law "On Transparency of Foreign Influence".

We see that the adopted draft law has caused differences of opinion in the society. The machine of lies was able to present the bill in a negative light and mislead a certain part of the public. The false label of "Russian law" was attached to the draft law, and its adoption in the first reading was presented as a departure from the European course in the eyes of a part of the public.

In addition, the radical forces were able to involve some of the youth in illegal activities. We thank the heroic law enforcement officers who responded to the violence with patience and the highest standards.

We should be most careful about peace and economic development in our country, as well as Georgia's progress on the path of European integration. Therefore, it is necessary to spend the energy of each of our fellow citizens not on confrontation, but on the development of the country in the right direction.

Considering all of the above, as a governing power responsible to each member of the society, we have decided to unconditionally withdraw the bill we supported without any reservations.

As the emotional background subsides, we will better explain to the public what the bill was for and why it was important to ensure transparency of foreign influence in our country. To do this, we will start meetings with the population and let the general public know the truth about each and every detail of the matter.

We act with the special responsibility that, as a ruling power, we owe to each member of society.

Georgia will maintain peace and stability and continue moving towards Europe with dignity, which is the principle choice of the Georgian society," the statement said.

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