Kakha Kaladze: The surprise in Putin's statement, I am sure, was due to the fact that the people who directly demanded the visa-free travel and restoration of flights yesterday, are protesting it today

According to Georgian Dream General Secretary Kakha Kaladze, the Government representatives did not have any negotiations with the Russian Federation regarding the restoration of flights or visa-free travel.

According to him, spreading such information is "political manipulation."

"We have said more than once, and I will repeat it again, that Georgian Dream pursues Georgian politics - first of all, what our country needs and what is in our country's interests. Accordingly, we will do everything to maintain peace in the country, as well as economic development and strengthening of the country, so that every citizen of our country feels well-being. Today, the most important thing is peace, restoration of territorial integrity, and Georgian Dream will do its best on this path," said Kaladze.

Kakha Kaladze also responded to Vladimir Putin's statement regarding visa-free travel and noted that the leader of the Russian Federation was surprised that "the people, who yesterday directly demanded this and called on Russian citizens to enter Georgia, are protesting today."

"I don't know how I should answer this question seriously and what kind of secret negotiations they are talking about. The surprise in Putin's statement, which was related to this visa-free travel and the restoration of flights, I am sure, was due to the fact that the people who directly demanded this yesterday and called on Russian citizens to come to Georgia, to do business as tourists, etc., are protesting this today. Georgian Dream and the Government, of course, did not object to the resumption of flights and did not object to the visas-free regime. As you know, this was a unilateral sanction and the Russian Federation made a decision regarding the cancellation of sanctions. Accordingly, today there is an opportunity for people not only to enter Georgia by land, or not only through Yerevan, but they can also fly directly. There is nothing wrong with that. Also, the fact that a Georgian with a Georgian passport will be able to go to the Russian Federation without a visa is up to any person and there is no problem with that. Of course, there were no negotiations, and these are ordinary political manipulations, which specific TV stations are trying to spread," Kaladze said.

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