Dimitry Medvedev: The current government of Georgia is characterized by pragmatism, relations with them are developing - the President of Georgia is French, who categorically opposes the development of the country's economy

According to the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, Dimitry Medvedev, the current government of Georgia is characterized by pragmatism.

Medvedev stated about it in an interview with RT.

"Everything happens in politics, so pragmatism is very important. Everyone has emotions, but emotions should be put aside when making decisions. Today's generation of Georgia is distinguished by pragmatism, this cannot be ignored. That's why relations with them are developing, that's why we allowed visa-free travel, that's why planes started flying," Medvedev said.

According to him, there are still "crazy, strange people" left in Georgia, but their involvement in politics is minimal.

"The current President of Georgia - I don't know if he speaks Georgian or not, she is French who categorically opposes the development of his country's economy. But now, such politicians cannot play the first role. Given that Georgia is a parliamentary republic, the role of the current President is minimal. I hope that the government of Georgia will have the pragmatism to acknowledge the realities, including the existence of South Ossetia, and sort out relations with them," he added.

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