German Ambassador: The cornerstone of everything is depolarization, the first step is to accept the other side as legitimate

You asked me what advice I would have for the government and the opposition, and I will answer that a basis for all that is this famous depolarization, - German Ambassador to Georgia Peter Fischer said in an exclusive interview to InterPressNews.

According to him, the European Union wants to make sure that Georgia has independent and impartial institutions, that's why he calls on the Georgian government to continue carrying out reforms.

"You asked me about what's my recommendation to the government and to the opposition, a basis for all that is this famous depolarization. In a European Union style democracy, the political parties and civil society are called upon to work together in a constructive way. The first step is to accept the other side as legitimate. If the political discourse exhausts itself in saying, you're not legitimate, you should disappear, then there's no way you can have a constructive discussion. And I'm a big fan of the saying about democracy: "The hard thing in democracy is not to be right. The hard thing is to make a compromise," he said.

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