The Special Investigation Service exposed the law enforcement officer to the facts of violence and threat

The employee of the Special Tasks Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs A.B. was exposed by the Special Investigation Service to the facts of domestic violence and threats in the presence of juveniles.

The investigation established that in 2023 and 2024, in the presence of his minor children, the accused physically abused his wife and threatened her with the destruction of her life and property.

In October and December 2023, during a mutual altercation with his wife, in the presence of his minor children, the accused physically insulted her several times and inflicted injuries on different parts of his body.

In February 2024, the accused threatened his wife to burn down the house and take her life via communication on the social network "Facebook".

The Special Investigation Service, upon the victim's report, carried out urgent investigative actions and immediately obtained the evidence, based on the resolution issued by the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia, law enforcement officer A.B. was charged on the facts of domestic violence in the presence of a minor and threats of death and the destruction of property under Article 1261 (2b) and Article 111 – 151(2d) of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

The Special Investigation Service continues the investigation of the case.

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