Prosecutor’s Office to study writing off debts for 600 000 citizens

This is a private agreement that applies to the majority of the population, the Prosecutor's Office will study it and the relevant decision will be taken if there are any signs of a crime, - Chief Prosecutor's Office of Georgia said responding to the statement of NGOs concerning the issue of writing off the debts by the “Cartu Foundation” for 600 000 citizens.

A group of NGOs, including the “Young Lawyers’ Association”, “Transparency International – Georgia” and the “International Society of Fair Elections and Democracy”, calls on the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the initiative, voiced by the Prime Minister, envisaging writing off debts of 600 000 individuals.

The NGOs released a joint statement saying that the initiative, which will be implemented by the “Cartu Foundation”, is the alleged vote-buying and the law enforcers should study this issue.

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