United Opposition demands annulment of presidential election results

The United Opposition demands annulment of the results of the presidential election.

As opposition representative Giorgi Vashadze stated at the briefing, they will file a relevant suit with the City Court at 15:00 today. According to him, the main motive of their decision is the bribery of 600 000 voters though a promise to write off their bank debts.

“The Election Code of Georgia directly prohibits such action. There are a lot of evidences in our suit regarding the bribery of voters, including the fraudulent promise to 600,000 voters, as well as promises regarding onions and potatoes. The suit is also attached by an international monitoring organization’s report, which directly indicates the total bribery of voters", - Vashadze said.

The opposition also called on the Prosecutor's Office to bring criminal cases against the Prime Minister and the Mayor of Tbilisi.

"They bribed voters live, which is a criminal offense and our public statement obliges the state to bring a case against the government," Vashadze said.