Lawyer: Giorgi Rurua took the verdict with a smile, we'll appeal the decision
Giorgi Rurua sentenced to 4 years in prison
Two persons arrested on charges of membership of “thieves’ world” and purchase-possession of drugs
Pre-trial detention ordered for police officer who ran over juvenile
Police detains 9 drug dealers in Ponichala
Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance detains a person on charges of misappropriation of state property
Deputy Head of Kvemo Kartli Police Department denies him saying Bachulashvili was in trouble
Court orders pre-trial detention for Chairman of Tsalenjikha Municipal Assembly
Deputy Head of Kvemo Kartli Police Department summoned for questioning relating to Bachaliashvili’s case
Tamar Bachaliashvili’s father names law enforcer that told him Tamar was “in trouble”
Tamar Bachaliashvili's father refuses in protest that Regional Police conduct investigation
Lawyer of Tamar Bachaliashvili’s family says he will name high-ranking officials who called Bachaliashvili’s father
Police officer arrested for running over minor pedestrian
Tamar Bachaliashvili’s car was brought to the place where it was later found, source tells AMBEBI.GE
Frontera calls for an end to the government of Georgia’s disinformation campaign
Cristian Urse - Naturally the more one political party stays in power, the bigger the temptations probably are
Markéta Gregorová - I absolutely understand the opposition not voting on constitutional amendments