Two non-judge members of the High Council of Justice address Parliament

Two non-judge members of the High Council of Justice Nazi Janezashvili and Ana Dolidze addressed the Parliament with a legislative proposal involving the principles for selection of the Supreme Court judges.

The proposal offered by non-judge members is based on the following five basic principles: Launch of a consulting group; Announcement of the competition for the selection of candidates for the judges of the Supreme Court; Avoiding conflict of interests; Open interviews; Consensus decision-making.

Ana Dolidze expresses hope that the Parliament will take their proposals into consideration.

“Nazi Janezashvili and I started the second stage of fighting for justice. We submitted a legislative initiative to the Parliament that includes five main principles for appointment of the Supreme Court judges. The main thing in these five principles us that the High Council of justice must take the decision unanimously – it means that all members, and not just judge-members and the members who are in the alliance with the judges appointed by the Parliament, should vote for the candidates. The process should take place transparently, like in the civilized countries. All qualified lawyers should be enabled to participate in the open contest,” Ana Dolidze said.

According to Nazi Janezashvili, the draft prepared by them is the principle one and if anyone wants to make changes, he/she should support the initiatives presented in it.

"We offer introduction of announcement of a competition, introduction of the standard of conflict of interests, as well as public interview and offer to create a consultative group that will include the representatives of the Bar Association, the Public Defender, the Supreme Court and the Civil Society. We think it is important to create an additional link that will prepare an independent conclusion and which will be public and all interested people, who monitor the process related to the judges of the Supreme Court, will be able to get familiarized with the opinions related to the candidates, " said Nazi Janezashvili.