Brother calls the man accused of uploading secret videos “provocateur”, suspencts somebody is behind him

Roma Andreyev, brother of Dimitri Andreyev who is accused of uploading secret videos of private life, claims that his brother is a provocateur and made up everything related to Ivanishvili.

The Kviris Palitra newspaper spoke to Andreyev's brother about the statements on secret videos made by Dimitri Andreyev on one of the TV channels.

"I expected anything from him. He has a big fantasy, but I did not expect this dirty things. He killed a man in Armenia and what does this have to do with Ivanishvili? I was shaking when I heard this. Emzar Ivanishvili is my neighbor. I do not remember anything bad from this family. My grandfather was a friend with them. My grandfather is Lomtatidze (that’s why Dimitri Andreyev is registered as Lomtatidze on Facebook)”, Roma Andreyev said.

According to him, he is not aware how his brother obtained secret videos. He said his brother was apolitical and has not even ever gone to polls.

“I am sure somebody is using him. Somebody is behind him. I am sure the Facebook text does not belong to him, as he cannot fluently speak Georgian”, Andreyev told the Kviris Palitra newspaper.

“I am not aware how he got the videos or why he did it. I do not sleep at night as I think about this all the time. He was probably promised something in exchange”, Andreyev said.