Ombudsman - The state does not have a systemic vision to tackle the poverty of children

The state does not have a systemic vision to tackle the poverty of children and raise the social function of families, it is said in the Public Defender’s report - “Child Care System Monitoring - The Effectiveness of Alternative Care".

According to the Public Defender, in order to monitor the alternative care system for children, the Public Defender's Office evaluated the 43 small family type houses, 128 families involved in entrusting service, 68 - in reintegration service and 7 religious schools. The Ombudsman’s Office has also visited 64 territorial units of Social Service Agency to study the needs and needs of juveniles.

Public Defender Nino Lomjaria said while presenting the report at “Tbilisi Marriot” hotel on Tuesday that identification of the children, who are the victims of violence, management of difficult and challenging behavior, prevention of the facts of child abuse, timely reaction and psycho-social assistance remain unresolved. The state does not have a systemic vision to tackle poverty and raise social function of families. The existing programs can not respond to the needs existing in this direction, which in turn negatively affect the rights of children. The shortcomings in the child care field remain also a problem, there are also the problems of shortages in relevant specialists, psychologists and social workers and their effective involvement.

In addition, the monitoring conducted by the Public Defender's Office revealed a number of challenges in the protection of children's rights, who are in the state care. Over the years there are the problems related to child abuse, the right to education, providing adequate psychological / rehabilitation services for juveniles, preparing for independent living, and the lack of human and financial resources.

According to Public Defender, the juveniles in the state care should enjoy a high standard of protection, because many years of experience of being in the state care system, the frequent change of the service forms, mental health and behavioral problems, experience of violence, separation from biological families cause stress in minors and rise the need for taking special care of these children.

At the meeting the Public Defender presented the recommendations aiming at improvement of the current situation in the state's child care system.