PM: We are intensively working to launch direct flights between the US and Georgia

More than 100 direct flights are being carried out between Georgia and various countries of Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and we are working very intensively to launch direct flights between the US and Georgia, - the Prime Minister of Georgia said at the Third Annual Georgia-US Strategic Partnership Conference in Washington.

The head of the government noted that the situation was radically different a few years ago, when flights between Georgia and European countries were rarely operated and this was a significant problem for many people.

"We mobilize geography, national advantages and efforts to ensure sustainable economic growth, which is averagely 5 percent and twice the size of the indicators in our neighborhood. According to the International Monetary Fund, Georgia will maintain its leading position in terms of economic growth in the next four years. We are trying to ensure inclusive growth that will bring benefits for every citizen. This is really not unrealistic”, the PM said.

According to Mamuka Bakhtadze, Georgia wants to be not only a regional center but also a crossroad between Asia and Europe.