‘Tbilisi Pride’ organizers respond to  Levan Vasadze’s video address

The organizers of “Tbilisi Pride” have released a statement responding to the video address released by businessman Levan Vasadze today.

“Levan Vasadze is threatening for the second time with violation of the law and order, violence against people and policemen. This time, amid yesterday's developments and taking into consideration that Tbilisi Pride Week begins within few days, it can be said that the threat is real and the MIA should immediately launch investigating this case. We also call on the Public Defender and NGOs to evaluate whether this statement contains the signs of the offence, " the Tbilisi Pride organizers said.

“I want to tell whoever gave that order – mr. bidzina ivanishvili and whoever is at the top in Georgia – make no mistakes! in this coming weeks, we will not allow the LGBTB activists to stage any public action, we won’t allow you the police to cordon them off – wherever this would happen, in movie theaters, in parks, in the streets, in the mountains or on the lakes, we will visit you everywhere, we will break through any cordon, we will overwhelm you!” businessman Levan Vasadze said in his video address today.

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