Archbishop Iakob: Liberal forces must realize that this is too much

Liberal forces must realize that this is too much when they try to impose something that is unacceptable for our nation, -said Archbishop Iakob during the Sunday Sermon.

The Archbishop spoke about the developments between the supporters and opponents of Tbilisi Pride and noted that the confrontation is not good for the country, because our "statehood is already fragile".

“There may be various kinds of rules in different parts of the world, but it is not necessary the same to be introduced in our country”, the clergyman said.

According to him, liberalism means freedom, but it also considers coexistence with another person.

"We are well aware what will be supported by the majority of parish if a referendum is held in Georgia. That's why I want to address that part of the society to stop moral terror of the population and live as they want to live, nobody is oppressing them”, the Archbishop said.

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