Ombudsman : June 20-21 events cast a shadow over the positive achievements included in 2018 report

The June 20-21 events and the recent changes in the media space cast a shadow over the positive achievements included in our 2018 report, Public Defender Nino Lomjaria told reporters in parliament.

The Ombudsman has arrived in parliament to deliver 2018 report. Nino Lomjaria noted that in case of necessity, she was ready to talk about this year’s events, including June 20, too.

“The report covers the human rights situation in 2018. I am ready to answer any questions regarding the 2019 developments if MPs are interested in. This year's events, including June 20-21 and the changes in the media space, cast a shadow over the positive achievements we discussed in our 2018 report and raised some questions.

All the cases that we have sent to the Prosecutor's Office in recent years and the alleged mistreatment of a police officer or a penitentiary system employer have not been investigated and no one has been brought to justice," the Ombudsman said.

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