Interior Ministry plans to purchase 270 white vehicles

The Ministry of Internal Affairs plans to purchase 270 vehicles and GEL 19, 674 750 is allocated for it. According to the Ministry, relevant consolidated tenders have already been announced.

Out of the mentioned amount, GEL 9 485 280 will be spent for purchasing 120 units of specialized type vehicles. According to the tender requirements, all the 120 vehicles must be painted white, manufactured no earlier than in 2019.

In addition, the Interior Ministry plans to purchase 30 hatchbacks, 15 of them with automatic gearboxes and 15 – with manual transmissions. All the 30 cars should be painted white. GEL 771 470 is allocated for purchasing them. The tender will end on October 18.

Another tender will be completed on October 18 with a starting price of GEL 8 418,000. The Ministry of Internal Affairs plans to spend this amount for purchasing 120 operational vehicles. Those cars should also be white hatchbacks.

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