GEL 1 199 558 spent on antique furniture for Presidential Residence on Atoneli Street

GEL 1 199 558 was spent on the purchase of antique furniture and interior accessories for the Administration of the President of Georgia, GEL 255 000 was spent on the restoration and GEL 720 225 was spent on the purchase of modern furniture, lightings and curtains.

The Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) released information the above information about the state resources spent on the President's residence.

“The most expensive antique items purchased for the Atoneli residence is the 19th-century chandelier made at the Russian Imperial Factory - US $ 59,000”, reads the information.

According to the organization, their findings are based on the analysis of the information they requested from the Administration of the President of Georgia, Special State Protection Service, LEPL State Security Agency, National Museum of Georgia, Administration of the Government of Georgia and LEPL Levan Samkharauli Forensics Bureau.

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