Nino Burjanadze insists Georgian doctor will be released no later than this Friday

Nino Burjanadze, leader of the Democratic Movement, says Vazha Gaprindashvili, the Georgian doctor who was detained on charges of illegal crossing of the so-called border, will be released from custody by Friday at the latest.

Burjanadze said about this in PalitraNews TV program responding to the anchor’s remark that so-called trial into Vazha Gaprindashvili’s case is scheduled to be held on Friday, December 13.

Nino Burjanadze said she was “100% convinced” that the Georgian doctor will be released.

“It means that Mr. Vazha will return home no later than Friday, may be even earlier. I am 100% sure that he will be released after the trial, ”Nino Burjanadze said.

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