Georgian pediatrician : Global risk of coronavirus is becoming high

The risks of spreading the coronavirus have changed over the last two days and we are already appearing to be at high risk globally pediatrician Tamar Ogbaidze, head of the Pediatric Department at Aversi Clinic, said at a news conference on Tuesday.

“The death toll from the new coronavirus outbreak in China rose as of January 27. The virus has spread outside China, including in Vietnam, Japan, Nepal, Thailand, Singapore, as well as in France, Australia has confirmed 4 cases and the United States - 5. There are many more suspicious cases worldwide but laboratory confirmation is pending, ”said Tamar Ogbaidze.

In previous days, the risk was very high in China, high – in nearby regions. These risks have increased globally during the last two days and now, we are appearing to be at high risk,” Tamar Ogbaidze said.

The pediatrician also talked about the symptoms and prevention measures of the virus. According to her, the coronavirus has similar symptoms to other respiratory deceases, and prevention measures are also the same.

“Special caution is needed when it comes to airports and public places. It is important to reduce contacts with certain animals, farms. We should not eat thermally unprocessed food, ”Ogbaidze said, adding that there is no specific medication and the treatment is symptomatic.

According to her, the virus spreads very quickly. “The virus is especially severe in children and elder people. The complication causes lung inflammation, characterized by very severe serious form of pneumonia, bronchitis or renal failure can also occur, ”Ogbaidze said.

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