PM on Congressmen’s letters: Every question will be answered quietly, without emotions

According to Georgia's Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia, he understands the joy created around the Congressmen’s letters in Georgia.

"There is a political context, and, of course, everybody will use these letters in the political context, given the election cycle," Giorgi Gakharia said.

As he told reporters, all the letters they received were publicly disclosed and not hidden.

“Whatever tough questions emerge between strategic partners, we are always ready to sit down and talk about them. We are ready to do so both inside and outside the country, whenever serious questions are asked about the country's democratic development, foreign orientation, strategic relations between the two countries. Everyone understands that Georgia's Euro-Atlantic aspirations and development are irreversible. Our colleagues may have some questions and I assure you that we are not afraid of it. We are not afraid of tough questions or tough answers, both at home and abroad. Every question will be answered quietly, without any emotions.

As for the worsening of economic situation, everything is comparative. Today, Georgia has the fastest growing economy in the region. Our foreign direct investment is growing, Georgia's infrastructure is growing. The country has a number of plans regarding infrastructure reforms that we discussed with donors today. You understand what donor conference and forum mean, don’t you?! The infrastructural reforms that are being implemented in the country need financial and other support,” Gakharia said.

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