Six employees of Defence Ministry National Guard's Cleaning Service test positive for cornavirus

Six employees of the cleaning service of the Civil Office at the National Guard under the Defence Ministry, who have been in isolation since March 21, tested positive for the novel coronavirus, the Ministry of Defence said in a statement issued on Saturday.

“People, being in direct or indirect contacts with them, are in quarantine and self-isolation in full compliance with all rules. In particular, eight people, the infected people have been in contact with, were taken to Gori Military Hospital for further examination. It is important to note that since March 12, most of the Defence Ministry staff have been working remotely under the order of the Minister of Defense, and since March 21, the Defense Forces were confined to barracks from March 21. We would like to emphasize that the infected employees of the Civil Guard Cleaning Office have not been in contact with other military units. All the infected persons have been transferred to the Ministry's Military Hospital ", the Defence Ministry said.

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