Prosecutor's Office requests legal assistance from corresponding USA bodies regarding the Toradze family killing

Prosecutor's Office has requested legal assistance from corresponding USA bodies with regards to the Toradze family killing.

"Tamar Toradze, who appealed about the killing of Toradze family to the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia, is the citizen of the USA, currently residing in the States. Therefore, the Georgian Prosecutor's Office requested assistance from the USA corresponding bodies in terms of interrogation of the person in question" - stated the Prosecutor's Office in response to the questions regarding the case occurred 28 years ago.

For the note, the tragedy of the Toradze family took place in 1992. According to the existing information, the Toradzes confronted the group of "Mkhedrioni". As a result of the confrontation, almost the whole family of Toradzes was killed, while two younger members of the family, Zaza and Paata disappeared. The killing was witnessed by Tamar Toradze, who currently lives in the USA.

The case has not been investigated until now.

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