Armenian PM: We have a bad news, the situation is worsening

697 new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Armenia during the last 24 hours, reported the country's PM, Nikol Pashinyan during Facebook live.

"We have bad news, the situation is worsening, 697 new cases has been confirmed. This means that we have people who need to be hospitalized but we cannot transfer them on time", - stated Pashinyan.

According to him, there are thousands of asymptomatic patients who are not aware of them being infected.

"There are about 20 000 infected people in the country that don't know that they have the virus. They are the very source of the spread", - stressed the Armenian PM.

For the record, Armenia reported 10 524 coronavirus cases on 3 June, from which 3 454 patients have recovered while 170 have died. The list of infected people includes Pashynian himself with his family members.

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