Government report: Georgian population amounts to 3 716 858 from which 20.5% are of retirement age; 5th of the population is at high or moderate risk in terms of COVID-19 pandemic

According to the latest data, the Georgian population (except the occupied regions) amounts to 3 716 858 people, from which 20.5%, 762 621 individuals are of retirement age. Therefore, the 5th of the population is at hight or moderate risk in terms of COVID-19 pandemic, - states the government's report about the measures taken against the COVID-19.

According to the same report, the structural analysis of the population is important in managing the epidemic environment.

"The hight rate of 4 main chronic diseases risk factors should be taken into account. This number stands at 80%, from which 40% have cardiovascular diseases, 22% chronic respiratory syndromes, 15% cancer, and the remaining 3% diabetes", - it is said in the report.

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