Thousands protest the introduction of curfew in Belgrade

Thousands protested the curfew in front of the Parliament building in Belgrade, Serbia, - reports BBC.

According to the same source, the protesters were blaming the President for mishandling the coronavirus crisis and demanded his resignation.

As Euronews reports, some protesters tried to storm the Parliament building.

The protests turned into a clash between the demonstrators and the police. The special forces used tear gas which was countered by pyrotechnics, stones, bottles and eggs from the side of protesters.

For the record, the Belgrade curfew will come into effect from Friday 18:00 and will continue until Monday 05:00.

The restrictions related to pandemic were lifted by the Serbian government before the elections. Yesterday, 13 people died of coronavirus in the country which is the highest toll recorded in Serbia. Overall, the number of coronavirus cases in the country amounts to 16 719 from which 330 have died.

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