Georgia's foreign debt increased by GEL 1.490 billion in one month

According to the Ministry of Finance, the total debt in July 2020 amounted to 20 257 138 000 GEL (6 594 335 000 USD), while in June this figure was 18 766 661 000 GEL. Out of the total amount, the foreign debt of the government is 19 475 792 000 GEL, and that of the National Bank amounts to 781 346 000 GEL.

Georgia's largest creditors are: Asian Development Bank (ADB); World Bank International Development Association (IDA), European Investment Bank (EIB) and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD). In particular, the debt to IDA is GEL 2.851 billion, the debt to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) stands at GEL 2.080 billion, the debt to the World Bank, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) amounts GEL 2.494 billion, and the debt to the European Investment Bank exceeds GEL 1.884 billion.

The information about Georgia's foreign debt was published by "Business Press News".

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