According to the data of 2556 polling stations counted so far, Georgian Dream won 48.8% of the votes, National Movement 26.07%, and European Georgia 3.79%

According to the preliminary data of the Central Election Commission, "Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia" has 48.8% of the votes, "United National Movement-United Opposition Power in Unity" has 26.07%.

Out of a total of 3847 polling stations, 2556 are counted and the results are distributed among the parties as follows:

"Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia" - 48.8%

"United National Movement - United Opposition Power is in Unity" - 26.07%

"European Georgia - Movement for Freedom" -3.79%

"Alliance of Georgian Patriots" - 3.23%

"Strategy Builder "- 3.14%"

Lelo - 3.23%

"Girchi" - 2.99%

"Aleko Elisashvili-Citizens" - 1.38%

"Georgian Labor Party" - 1.03%

"Nino Burjanadze - United Georgia-Democratic Movement "- 0.85%

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