According to Kelly Degnan, the April 19 agreement explicitly calls for a halt to the process of selecting judges

Kelly Degnan, US Ambassador to Georgia, says that they were pleased with the judges' statement that they were willing to work with all parties to improve Georgia's judicial system.

As Degnan noted, the parliament has the power to suspend the process of selecting Supreme Court judges until there is a broad, inclusive and multiparty debate on the issue in order to improve the judiciary.

According to Degnan, the United States and other international donors have been helping Georgia to improve its judiciary for 25 years. As the US Ambassador noted, it is because the rule of law and a strong judiciary are a prerequisite for Georgia's membership in NATO and the European Union.

According to the Ambassador, the High Council of Justice has nominated judges, and it is now in the hands of the Parliament to support the agreement reached by political leaders on April 19, which explicitly calls for a halt to the process of selection of judges of the Supreme Court. "Parliament has the power to stop this process", - Degnan said.

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