Salome Zourabichvili: Georgia’s European future is inevitable, this is not subject to debate between political parties

Choosing a European path has not alternative for us and our friends. The Batumi Conference is a signal that we are not alone in this effort, they support and strengthen us - it all means that we need to do more and even faster, - the President of Georgia Salome Zourabichvili said in her speech at the opening of the Batumi International Conference.

As Zourabichvili noted, such an event with the participation of 4 presidents is being held for the first time, which is a "new beginning".

"This format with the participation of the President of the European Council will be another step towards our common path towards European integration. Today is an example of how serious our common commitment is. This is an example and proof that the European past and the European future are inevitable. Despite the pandemic-related restrictions, we continue the Batumi International Conference and hold this event at the highest level. For the first time such an event is being held with the participation of 4 presidents and this is a new beginning. It means for all of us that we have new responsibilities. First of all, this is Georgia's commitment - Georgia's European future is inevitable and inseparable from our history and values. This is not subject to polarization or debate between political parties, we have consensus on this issue and we never argue about it. Despite challenges and occupation, our aspirations have never been called into question”, said the President.

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