SSG calls the information spread by the Mtavari TV on the secret recordings disinformation

The State Security Service is responding to reports from Mtavari TV that the agency eavesdrops on politicians, NGO representatives and journalists.

According to the information spread by SSG, the agency carries out its activities in full compliance with the Constitution and the norms of law, and the disseminated information serves the purposeful discreditation of the agency, misleading the public and inciting distrust.

"We want to respond to the false information spread by a specific media outlet about alleged illegal surveillance and eavesdropping by the State Security Service.

This misinformation serves to deliberately discredit the State Security Service, mislead the public and incite distrust in state institutions.

As part of the information war, specific media outlets are using all means to use the current situation in the country to achieve their own political goals and to make the society more polarized.

Unfortunately, certain representatives of civil society and political parties, willingly or unwillingly, become participants in this provocative and disinformation campaign that is detrimental to the state.

The State Security Service carries out its activities in full compliance with the Constitution and the norms of law, in case of any questions related to any case, all interested persons can apply to the relevant agency and obtain information through legal means.

The discrediting, disinformation campaign against state agencies is an anti-state action and is in the interests of a hostile country. Once again we note that such an action hinders the stability of the country and serves to deliberately mislead the citizens," - reads the statement issued by the SSG.

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