According to Levan Davitashvili, about 20-25 thousand people have entered Georgia from Russia in recent days

It is not true that a large number of people come to Georgia and that it contains risks, this is how the Minister of Economy Levan Davitashvili answered the question of InterPressNews regarding the number of Russian citizens crossing the state border of Georgia.

As the Minister explained at the briefing after the government session, the number is about 20-25 thousand people, however, the exact statistics will be released by the Minister of Internal Affairs.

"As for the visits of Russian citizens to Georgia, the statistics are the following - I do not remember the detailed information and numbers exactly, the Minister of Internal Affairs will have more detailed information, which will be made public. We also discussed this at a government meeting with our colleagues. These statistics were interesting for all of us. The Minister of Internal Affairs informed us about this, he will have a public speech in the Parliament in the near future and will make a more detailed report on these issues, which may be of interest to the public or political forces, the Ministry itself will make a statement. The information is not to be hidden, on the contrary, it is interesting. We have seen that many issues in society are perceived very emotionally and we absolutely understand it, therefore, more accurate information needs to be provided. The figure, if I am not mistaken, is about 20-25 thousand people. This is roughly the range that was observed in 2020 before the pandemic restrictions. In 2021, all traffic was completely closed, a strict isolation regime was imposed due to the pandemic. Therefore, in 2020 it was about the same. So, it is not true that a large number of people come to Georgia and that it contains risks," said Davitashvili.

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