The Minister of Internal Affairs states that the regulations on paragliding should be tightened or banned altogether, and before that, it will be prohibited for a certain period of time

According to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Vakhtang Gomelauri, paragliding will be temporarily prohibited.

According to him, paragliding crashes occur frequently in the mentioned territory and the Government team will work on tightening the regulations.

"Almost a week does not pass without a rescue operation and a helicopter being used. There are also facts of death. We have to work to tighten the regulations or ban them altogether. Paragliders often crash here. It is windy, there are valleys, or there are no professionals. How the license is issued, everything is interesting and we will definitely follow it. During these days, in my opinion, all kinds of paragliding should be stopped and after the study, licenses should be issued to people who are really professionals," said the Minister.

In the vicinity of Gudauri, during paragliding, 2 persons fell on a rocky slope. A helicopter belonging to the Border Police was involved in the rescue operation, which lost control and crashed. All eight people on board of the helicopter died. A foreign paraglider also died. The citizen of Georgia who was also injured during paragliding is taken to the clinic.

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