According to Irakli Kobakhidze, the financial income of several large non-governmental organizations raises questions

According to Irakli Kobakhidze, chairman of the Georgian Dream party, the financial income of several large non-governmental organizations raises questions.

As Kobakhidze told journalists in response to a question posed at a briefing held at the party's office, the non-transparent expenses of these NGOs create risks for the country.

"There are some very rich NGOs that are financed from different sources. When they come out with political demands and show political ambition even more, they have a moral obligation to show a high degree of transparency, however, we see that their expenses are completely opaque and the public has no information about it, which creates risks. Our country is a small state and is naturally vulnerable to various risks. At such times, transparency is of particular importance. It's not only that political parties should be financially transparent, the same applies to NGOs too, especially the biggest NGOs involved in political processes. Why their activities are opaque also naturally raises questions. As for such NGOs that work to reveal disinformation, such as FactCheck, they often spread disinformation and actual lies. They also have direct political interests. If we follow their roots and founders, we will very easily find out the names and surnames behind such NGOs, which are directly connected with the radical opposition," said Kobakhidze.

According to Kobakhidze, today the government is not working on any legislative initiative that will bring non-governmental organizations into the framework of regulation, or oblige them to disclose information about their financial sources.

"By law today, they are not obligated to disclose information about their expenses, however, there is a kind of moral obligation if they tell the public more about their expenses, the public will draw conclusions. In August, they spread this disinformation themselves, and then we had to respond to it. This also shows their working methods, and it is precisely the Russian working methods that these NGOs use. The issue [of regulation] is not discussed. If we consider something in perspective, first we will tell it to the public. No issues related to regulation are discussed," said Kobakhidze.

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