Georgian Dream chairman
Irakli Kobakhidze

Place of birth



2000 - graduated from Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Law;

2005 - graduated from H. Heine University Düsseldorf with a Master degree in Law;

2006 - H. Heine University of Düsseldorf, PhD

Professional Experience

2000-2001 - United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Regional Public Education Project Coordinator;

2005-2012 - Tbilisi State University, Assistant Professor;

2011-2014 - Caucasus University, Associate Professor;

2011-2012 - Open Society Georgia Foundation, Member of the Committee of Experts of the Human Rights and Rule of Law Program;

2011-2012 - Council of Europe Representation in Georgia, Expert in Strategic Planning;

2006-2014 - United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Local Government and Regional Development Project Expert and Manager;

Since 2014 - Tbilisi State University, Associate Professor;

On November 18, 2016, he was elected Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia;

Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia Party, Executive Secretary, Member of the Political Council (2015-);

Parliament of Georgia of the 9th convocation, Chairman of the Parliament (2016-2020);

Parliament of Georgia of the 10th convocation (2020-)

Former PM of Georgia; For Georgia chairman
Giorgi Gakharia
Minister of Justice of Georgia
Rati Bregadze
Former President of Georgia
Giorgi Margvelashvili
Irakli Kobakhidze: For two years, the opposition has been doing its best to prevent Georgia from getting the candidate status, however, I think that the European Council will make a fair and correct decision this year and the country will be granted the candidate status
Irakli Kobakhidze: It is absolutely artificial attempt to connect the issue of Georgia with the negotiations that will take place around the issue of Ukraine - the candidate status should be granted to Georgia in all cases
Giorgi Vashadze: The least I believe is that Kobakhidze will protect our interests, Georgian Dream did not want to get the candidate status at all
Irakli Kobakhidze: Negotiations between the European Union and Hungary are the business of the European Union and Hungary, we cannot interfere in it - I am sure that positive decisions will be made regarding European integration
Irakli Kobakhidze: UNM is collapsing, and according to our observation, this is not accidental, I think this is the task that Kezerashvili is performing - the plan is to bring down UNM in order to bring another political force forward
Irakli Kobakhidze: There is a high probability that one or two months before the elections, Salome Zurabishvili will resign and take part in the elections, although everyone knows very well what this person's rating is in reality
Irakli Kobakhidze starts his visit to Hungary today
Irakli Kobakhidze: When Blinken and Borrell are participating in a certain event, of course, it is our responsibility that our Foreign Minister be present there - there is no reason for speculations
Irakli Kobakhidze: After 8 lost elections, they will definitely lose the 9th, 10th and 11th elections as well - National Movement is in a difficult situation, they are in a big mess
Irakli Kobakhidze: When Blinken and Borrell arrive at the ministerial and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia does not arrive, it is at least incomprehensible - any format should be used to protect our national interests
Irakli Kobakhidze: The country will not be destroyed if the opposition and NGOs are not involved in the fulfilment of these 9 points - perhaps, we will have to go to the next stage alone, open negotiations, etc
Tina Bokuchava: Although we do not have hopes for any fundamental changes, we will still consider the issue of formal participation in working groups together with other opposition parties
Sandro Rakviashvili: It is impossible for 9 points to be fulfilled, except for the 4th point, which refers to elections - it would be ridiculous to instruct Dream deputies to control the SSG, when the SSG controls them
Irakli Kobakhidze: At the 2024 parliamentary elections, the number of people who will have non-electronic ID cards will be a maximum of 500-1000 people
Georgian Dream leaders meeting with parliamentary opposition in closed format
Irakli Kobakhidze: Celebrating the anniversary of the Rose Revolution by National Movement is impudence and nothing more
Irakli Kobakhidze: It is impossible that the problem of oligarchs be solved only on the basis of legislative changes - oligarchs are in politics today and will probably continue their political activities
Irakli Kobakhidze on European recommendations: If you look closely at the 9 requirements, you will realize that 80% of the requirements out of the 12 points have been fulfilled - therefore, it is easier to work on these 9 points than it was on 12 issues
German Ambassador to Georgia: Georgia made enormous progress on the EU path - I can say for Germany, we want to say "yes"
The Ambassador of Israel to Georgia - Hamas is Isis. It must be defeated