EU Ambassador says government needs to provide inclusivity, while opposition needs to have a constructive approach for implementation of EU recommendations

It is for Georgians to do their homework. It is for Georgians to decide if and how they want to get closer to the European. That it would be really huge mistake if this opening given by the European Council, given by the leaders of the European Union, saying that Georgia has a European perspective, that Georgia is part of the European family, is wasted, the new Ambassador of the European Union in Georgia, Pawel Herczynski, said in an exclusive interview with InterPressNews.

According to him, the implementation of the EU recommendations requires the involvement of both the government and the opposition.

“I mentioned the European perspective that has been opened to Georgia. The candidate status, which is the next step in the process, will be granted Georgia based on certain conditions. European Commission has provided the Georgian side with 12 recommendations, 12 areas where progress needs to be made.

I know that the government has a very ambitious plan in order to implement those 12 conditions. But it's not only for the government. It's for everyone across the political lines to build bridges and to work constructively in order to make progress in those 12 areas. The government needs to provide inclusivity. So this process should involve all the stakeholders. As for the opposition, there needs to be a constructive approach. So the opposition needs to work together with the government in order to make sure that the progress is made. So actually this requires everyone to get together and to work in a spirit of national interest. And I believe that it is possible. I hope that the Georgian stakeholders, everyone that is involved, will all work in the spirit of constructiveness in order to make progress on the 12 recommendations. European perspective, especially in these very turbulent and uncertain times, is something that should unite Georgians, it should bring everyone together," said the Ambassador.

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