Shalva Papuashvili: The death of a Georgian citizen in occupied Abkhazia once again emphasizes the gravity of the occupation and shows how important it is to end occupation on time

The Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia, Shalva Papuashvili, responded to the death of another citizen of Georgia as a result of a brutal beating by the local militia in occupied Abkhazia.

As he told journalists, the incident once again shows how important it is to end occupation on time.

"Another sad fact has happened, it once again emphasizes the gravity of the occupation. Today, on the Human Rights Day, it is especially important to look at this fact from this point of view, that the occupation does not only mean the violation of the territorial integrity of Georgia, but first of all, the trampling of human rights in the regions that are occupied. This is an area which, among other things, has been recognized by the Strasbourg Court to be under the effective control of Russia. Therefore, the challenge of the occupation is important in this regard as well, that the human rights situation is dire. My condolences to the family. This shows us once again how important it is to end the occupation as soon as possible," Papuashvili said.

According to reports, in the occupied Gali region, a Georgian citizen, Temur Karbaia, was killed by the so-called occupation regime. Militia employees verbally insulted and beat him. Karbaia died after being taken to the hospital.

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