Anri Okhanashvili turned off Salome Samadashvili's microphone, and after a protest from the opposition MP, the chairman of the committee asked her to leave the hall

The Chairman of the Legal Committee, Anri Okhanashvili, expelled another deputy, "Lelo" member Salome Samadashvili, from the committee session.

"Leave the hall. Don't put the bailiff in an awkward position, leave the hall!", Anri Okhanashvili appealed.

Until then, there was a verbal confrontation between Salome Samadashvili and Okhanashvili, because the chairman of the committee did not give the MP the opportunity to finish the question.

"Depending on the content of the first article, Georgian citizens may lose the possibility of visa-free travel to the European Union," said Samadashvili, at which point she was interrupted by the chairman of the committee and noted that the deputy was deprived of her right to speak, because, according to Okhanashvili, she was asking a question that did not concern the first article.

"What story are you in?" Anri are you afraid? Don't you want people to hear this?! They will cancel our visa-free travel!" Salome Samadashvili appealed to him, which resulted in her expulsion.

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