National Platform of Georgia to the Prime Minister: We demand that the perpetrators be identified and punished immediately

The Georgian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum sends a letter to Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze and urges him to fulfill his duty and establish order in the country, prevent violence.

The organization demands immediate detection and fair punishment of all perpetrators, as well as identification and accountability of the organizers of these actions, no matter which group or agency they represent.

"Mr. Irakli, we, members of the civil society, are observing with growing concern the recent incidents of violence, when active citizens are openly attacked in groups and assaulted by violent people. Attacks happen almost always in public gathering places as well as near their homes. Such cases are almost daily and are clearly systemic in nature. The trend of violence is facilitated by completely unacceptable statements of politicians, where crimes are justified and in some cases even encouraged.

We categorically declare that any act of violence, no matter who it comes from, is unacceptable, and its justification is an anti-state and anti-society act, especially on the part of politicians.

We would like to emphasize that it is the duty of the government, and you personally, as the head of the executive power, to establish order in the country and prevent violence. Security is one of the main public goods, for the establishment of which you have transferred all governmental levers.

We demand that all perpetrators be exposed and punished fairly. Also, the organizers of these actions were identified and held accountable, no matter which group or agency they represented.

We hope that you will fulfill your duty, establish public order and peace in a timely and convincing manner, especially considering that in most cases there are footages of these events.

Georgia and its citizens deserve to live in a peaceful and fair country," the letter states.

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