PM: Relations between Georgia and the EU have never been at such a high level

Within the framework of the Support for Skill Development financial agreement, Georgia will receive almost € 50 million from the EU, - Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze said at a press conference after meeting with EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström.

According to the Prime Minister, the project is directly related to the reform of national importance.

"We have close cooperation with the European Commissioner, which is very important for us to deepen the EU-Georgia relations, namely trade relations. I would like to point out that relations between Georgia and the EU have never been at such a high level”, the PM said.

According to him, we have been enjoying the free trade agreement with the EU for several years now and we already have very specific and good results.

“First of all, I want to draw attention to the dynamics we had in recent years. The EU is the main trade partner of Georgia and it is especially good that our export to the EU market is growing every year," Bakhtadze said.

The Prime Minister said that "up to 800 Georgian companies are represented on the European market and they sell their products with the inscription - Made in Georgia”.

Mamuka Bakhtadze thanked the European Union on behalf of the Georgian people for its assistance.

"I would like to thank the European Union for the assistance in the process of implementing the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area Agreement, as well as for the promotion of Georgian small and medium enterprises, which has direct impact on the employment and economic growth”, the PM said.