MP Beselia intends to launch new political force in nearest future

MP Eka Beselia has announced today that she intends to launch a new political force in the nearest future. The lawmaker told reporters about it after the meeting of the "Defend Georgia" movement at Tbilisi Philharmonic Hall today.

According to Beselia, the next political statement she will do is about formation of a new political force after the consultations.

“The politicians should listen to the voice of the society. Today, the society told us they do not want the lifetime appointment of those judges, who used violence in the past. The first - this is the initiative that is being discussed as a bill in Parliament and we need this support. The second is to start collecting signatures here today. This is the initiative we announced a few weeks ago that we are starting to collect 200,000 signatures of our citizens to change the lifetime appointment of judges in the Constitution. As for the political part, the next political statement, which I will do together with my friends after the consultations, will be our next decision related to the formation of a new political force. "Defend Georgia" will remain as a public movement. Thus, only the public and not the politicians talked here today, "Eka Beselia said.