Christian Urse: Judicial reform should continue in Georgia

The head of the Council of Europe office in Georgia, Christian Urse, said that judicial reform should continue in Georgia. He attended a meeting of the group working on the fourth wave of justice reform, which was held in the parliament today.

According to Christian Urse, a good result was achieved at the meeting, but it is important to maintain this result.

"Today we have completed working on the fourth wave of reform and we have several important results. On the one hand, the legislation relating to disciplinary proceedings has been significantly improved. Disciplinary proceedings are in general an important guarantee for the independence of judges.

We also managed to develop rules for the activities of the High School of Justice. The High School of Justice is a very important institution in the process of appointment of judges, since selection of candidates starts there.

I also want to emphasize that the judicial reform is not completed and it should continue. This was a good format, as we had not only representatives of the government, but the opposition as well”, he said.

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