Vladimir Putin: Opening a case against Giorgi Gabunia would be an "honor" for him

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, opening a case against Rustavi 2 journalist Giorgi Gabunia would be an "honor" for him.

“He does not deserve the honor. Let him keep broadcasting”, Putin noted in response to the deputies of the Russian State Duma, who think that a case should opened against Gabunia and that he should be extradited to Russia.

“Nobody knew anything about him, but now everybody speaks about him. He has achieved his goal. He was suspended from duties for two months and he went on vacation. Then he will return and they will offer him a job. But there are people in Georgia who are protesting against it, "Putin said.

The Russian president also added that the anti-Russian sentiments are fueled by people who do not know the history and ultimately harm Georgia.

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